Common Cosmetic Addictions

2In simple terms, cosmetic addiction means purchasing, hoarding, and using cosmetic products compulsively. The level of addiction depends upon the frequency of buying, and the amount spent on these products. In some cases, those who have this addiction buy cosmetics only so that their cabinets look full. The usage of cosmetics is also a very important factor in determining the level of addiction. It is never about how much you use, it is always about how many times a day the cosmetics are used, and why. If a touch-up is needed, then it is absolutely fine; but if you are rushing to the powder room often just to doll yourself up when it’s not needed, then you have a problem at hand.

A cosmetic addict is a person who just cannot do without their timely makeup ‘fix’. This is a person who is obsessed with cosmetics; right from being up-to-date with the latest makeup products, writing numerous blogs on how to use them, and also spending endless time in front of the mirror dolling himself/herself up.

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Benefits of Cosmetics

1A woman deserves to be respected, admired and appreciated. Personality and appearance play a significant role in making the first impression an appealing one. And though there is truly nothing that compares to natural beauty, you can definitely enhance your appearance with the help of cosmetics. Cosmetics help to make a woman feel more confident and assured about her image. That’s also a reason why the use of cosmetics has gained extreme popularity. In this article, we’ll see how often criticized cosmetics can also prove to be beneficial to you.


Cosmetics are substances that are used to improve your appearance. An array of cosmetics are used by people all around the world. These include skincare creams, powders, lotions, nail polishes, lipsticks, colored contact lenses, eye and facial makeup, hair colors, deodorants, hair sprays and gels, bath soaps, bath salts, bath oils, baby products and many more. This wide variety is generally divided into two types: decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics. Almost all cosmetics contain various preservatives and fragrances. Some of the preservatives used in cosmetics are paraben, quaternium-15, imidazolidinyl urea, phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde. However, cosmetics without any synthetic ingredients are preferred as synthetic ingredients can be harmful to the skin. Today, certified organic cosmetic products are very popular. They are made up of organic and natural ingredients. Water accounts for a large quantity in most skin care products and hence these are more popular.

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Gifts for Girlfriends

Diamonds have always been more of a man’s best bet than a woman’s best friend. Jewels, baubles, clothes, and accessories are also widely gifted – and less costly – articles. Flowers are another economical gift that can make your girlfriend feel good. Good looking timepieces work the dual duty of telling your girlfriend the time, and making her think of you whenever she needs the time of the day. A handbag is of incomparable use to women. Its inherent portability makes for an unforgettable gift – more so if it is a conversation piece or if it is basically strong and of good quality.

There are a number of gifts available for girlfriends. Depending on the occasion and situation, almost anything can be gifted to them. The thumb rule of thumb, “It’s the thought that counts”, applies even to girlfriends. Though the latest four-wheeler would make a lot of a difference to your girlfriend, even that cute soft toy has its own place in her world.

Although most women are literally turned off by gizmos and gadgets, the latest cell phone or music system would make an excellent gift if your girlfriend is technologically inclined. Depending on her interest in music, music CDs are also good gift articles. A camera, preferably a digital camera, works well to preserve the sweet memories of a relationship.

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Why Being Spiritual Can Get You Nowhere

Dana is a lady who is totally dedicated to her spiritual work. She knows all about Indian spirit guides, angels, crystals and is a Reiki Master – amongst other things. She takes every opportunity to help anyone – a kind, lively and passionate woman.

With little concern for her own wellbeing and financial situation she will generously give advice, treatments and time. The fact that she is struggling with her health, her finances and is in an unhappy relationship doesn’t ever deter her from her spiritual mission. When we met a few weeks ago and she was stressed and unwell, I invited her to come to one of my courses at a special rate.

She pondered for a while and then said to me, that she thought right now, my work wasn’t ‘spiritual’ enough for her. Her interest was in spirit guides, heavenly energies and helping others and what I was offering was ‘only’ about self. I respected her opinion and left wondering what it is that people consider to be truly ‘spiritual’.

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5 Effective Weight Loss Tips

So you want to lose some weight? Here are 5 tips that will help you melt some body fat and lose some unwanted weight.

1. Throw away your scale

First off throw away your scale (okay don’t literally do that). You naturally gain and lose weight throughout the day due to slight changes in your metabolism and how well hydrated you are. Body weight is not always an accurate measure of a healthy body composition. Instead you should focus on your body fat percentage.

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