Ayurvedic Cosmetics – The New Growth Frontier for the Beauty Business

102Beauty and cosmetics are as ancient as mankind.

Women were and still are obsessed with looking beautiful with natural cosmetics products.

Indian herbs are significantly popular across the globe for providing and maintaining beautiful skin and hair by using product formulations that use natural ingredients only. Herbal cosmetics are an invaluable gift of nature with its demand growing considerably.

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Beauty Cosmetics Tips

101Since foundation is the palette on which you will paint, it is the first important step in the process of good cosmetic application. A good moisturizer containing sunscreen should be applied, followed by a spot concealer to cover any blemishes, spider veins, or dark areas in pigment. To choose the perfect shade of foundation, a three stripe test should be done along the jawbone. The shade that more closely matches the skin tone should be chosen. If the match is good, it will be unnecessary continue foundation past the jaw line.

One of the best beauty cosmetic tips concerns contouring, which is best done at this point. Using a very light, almost white, foundation, and a tiny brush, paint any obvious wrinkles. With a finger, gently blend this by patting it, You will notice that the wrinkles almost disappear because light colors bring out shadows. This principle works with darker colors in the same way. If you have a double chin or a round face, you can use a darker foundation shade or powder in that area to slim the face. Most foundations last longer if covered by a light dusting of complimentary facial powder.

Once the foundation is set, facial features should be dramatized. The eyebrows are often forgotten, but a touch of eyebrow pencil works to create framework to make the eyes pop. To lift the eyebrows and create space above the eyes, a light eye shadow should be applied to the entire eyelid all the way to the brows. Using a sponge brush, a base color can be applied from the eyelid into the crease of the eye. Then, for a particularly dramatic look, you can make a triangular shape with a darker color at the outer corner of the eye. These colors should be blended upward and outward with small strokes.

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Eco-Friendly Cosmetics: Rapidly Changing the Beauty Industry

100Worth noting is the new relationship the public has with brands and corporations. Unlike in previous generations, consumers are now more curious, more skeptical, and are notably grasping for some semblance of autonomy. This is an insight into the next generation- the conscious consumer- one who’s ready to question whether brands, and even governments, really bear their best interests in mind.

The access to naturalism, information and technology has converged, and the result? The beauty industry has forever changed. In fact, it’s not surprising that the naturals’ category is among the fastest growing in the global skin care industry. Consumers are now demanding products in all aspects to be eco-friendly, their beauty routines included. More and more brands are also realizing that.

How Are Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Changing the Beauty Industry?

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Pure Cosmetics: How Green Is Your Beauty Routine?

99Sustainable. Green. Renewable. These are terms we are hearing more and more frequently. Our planet is showing signs of reaching capacity both in resources and space. Landfills are becoming fuller by the minute, and finite resources are being diminished with each tank of gasoline spent. While we may not exactly be in urgent danger of running out of valuable resources, our children or grandchildren may have to face the difficult prospect of perhaps running out of some of the things we take for granted today. Things such as clean water to drink and even clean air to breathe may be an extremely limited resource. With that being said, there are things we can do today to help diminish the size of the footprints we are leaving on this planet, and among them are adopting a greener beauty routine with pure cosmetics.

So what exactly are pure cosmetics? They are as close to all-natural as you can get. These types of cosmetics are free of harsh chemicals, additives, and preservatives. As a result, they do not require a great deal of resources in order to produce. They are paraben free, fragrance free, and created from as few simple ingredients as possible. Only 100% pure minerals are selected for our cosmetics. These minerals are mined and pulverized using ecologically friendly methods to produce the highest quality cosmetics possible. Not only are they natural and high quality, they also have amazing benefits for your skin. Minerals such as Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Serecite, Kaolin Clay, and pearl powder have been used for thousands of years for their healing benefits. They are naturally calming, natural anti-inflammatories, and are safe for all skin types.

Your overall beauty routine can be made more environmentally friendly by using pure cosmetics. What makes pure cosmetics a better choice for your skin and for the planet? They are made from the highest quality cosmetic grade minerals and nothing more. Because there are no additives, nothing is doctored, and nothing is having preservatives added to them in order to have a longer shelf-life, they are more environmentally responsible. Valuable resources are not being wasted to add as a thickening agent to your foundation–simply pure minerals with natural UV protection and flawless coverage. What’s more, the manufacturing of pure cosmetics is done in the most earth friendly way possible. Each step of the process from mining the minerals to purifying them to packaging them is done in the most socially responsible way possible. Pure cosmetics is aware of the environmental impact associated with mass production, and we take every possible measure to make sure we protect the Earth while still creating amazingly luxurious beauty products that are all natural and healthy.

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How to Test Makeup Products Before You Buy

12Women are always attracted to shiny, shimmery, sparkling, glamorous, and all such similar things. Makeup is one of them. Some are born with an innate flair for choosing the right products, and then there are the rest who find it tough to decide which is the best.

To catch the latest trend, they run bonkers from one cosmetic store to another. In the hope of transforming their look with a single brush flick, they end up buying junk that they either don’t use or don’t know how it’s used.

But it’s not the fault of women! Our cursory society gives so much importance to physical appearance that it becomes necessary to don a made-up look. That being said, it can be declared that makeup is cardinal. It packs our confidence and happiness in smart covers and makes it easily available at multiple beauty counters.

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