Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in the World

7Indeed they are! It is no secret that cosmetics mean a lot to women―with a history going back several millennia. In fact, human culture, since time immemorial, has always thrived on improvisation. The quest to better ourselves is an ingrained human trait across all cultures, ages, and backgrounds.

Cosmetics are those miracle workers who offer the ultimate ‘lift me up’ in a matter of seconds―be it a stroke of MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick, or even a whiff of Dior’s J’adore. The power of cosmetics is nothing short of magical, as is evident from the obsession we’ve had with them over the years. With kohl being as old as human civilization itself, it is safe to say that our love affair with cosmetics has only gotten better with time.

Now a multi-billion dollar industry, cosmetics companies practically run our lives―promising us a life that is literally picture-perfect, sans all those unsightly blemishes and wrinkles. It seems fitting, then, to honor these master magicians who have created these beautiful products for us―here are some icons of the cosmetic industry.

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Animal Ingredients in Cosmetics and Beauty Products

A Halal certified stamp lies on a make-up table in Birmingham, central England, July 28, 2010. Samina Akhter has launched a company that offers a range of Halal make-up, which is free from alcohol and animal products and marketed towards Muslim customers. REUTERS/Darren Staples (BRITAIN - Tags: SOCIETY RELIGION BUSINESS)

Being Vegan in a Meat-Eater’s World

At times, it can be difficult to be a strict vegetarian or vegan in a meat-eater’s world. Vegetarians are subject to questioning, ridicule, and strange behavior from well-meaning friends and family. Vegetarians have all had the experience of going to a restaurant with a group of people, only to have the meat-eaters list to us all the possible vegetarian options on the menu. Just because you are a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t read! But once you have overcome or gotten used to the awkward social aspect of vegetarian or vegan aspect, there are more “advanced” concerns to contend with, such as whether you will still purchase cosmetics and household products with animal-derived ingredients.

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Chemicals in Cosmetics

4In our desire to look nice, to have a clear skin, or shiny hair, most of us apply a variety of cosmetics and skin care products on a regular basis. In fact, research shows that on an average, a normal person uses approximately 10 or more personal care products daily. Some products do benefit us, by enhancing our appearance, while others are just a waste of money. Some studies also show that most ingredients or chemicals in cosmetic products that we apply, tend to penetrate deep into our skin and are not completely tested for toxicity. In fact, some harmful chemicals in cosmetics such as lotions, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, etc., are known to be neurotoxins, carcinogens, etc. But to look clean and nice and to smell good, most of us usually ignore the presence of these hazardous chemicals and their effects.

Chemicals to Avoid

Here are some dangerous chemicals that can be unsafe to your health, and their regular exposure can raise many health concerns.

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